Marc Forgione

Chef Marc Forgione is a restaurateur and an Iron Chef (the one with the Mohawk). He is the chef/owner of Restaurant Marc Forgione and Peasant and is the co-owner/partner of Khe-Yo. Inspired by the melting pot of his hometown of New York City, his culinary style draws from a number of different cuisines - from Italian to French to Asian. He also believes in ingredients driving the dishes, not the dishes driving the ingredients. Forge is a die hard NY Giants fan who has spent endless hours pontificating about how Eli Manning is Tom Brady’s Kryptonite (ugh!). 



Tiffani Faison

As the chef/owner of restaurants of a variety of global cuisines (BBQ to Asian to Italian), Chef Tiffani displays a wide range of culinary skills, innovative style and a talent for creating delicious new twists on classic dishes. At all of her restaurants, Tiffani has created atmospheres that are warm, creative and welcome. She also happens to be a bad-ass. While Tiff has lived all around the country, the Boston sports energy has captivated her soul and now she bleeds Pats, Sox, Bruins and Celtics blood (and ok, the Revolution too!)